Tuesday, March 10, 2015

When Children Become Terrorist Tools

Hi, Locke here. In a previous post I told you about Muhammad Musallam, an ISIS terrorist who had a false confession of spying and was killed by a child. This really horrifies me. ISIS used a child as an executioner. This isn't even the first time they did this. Think about it. ISIS convinced a kid to shot another human in the head. How in the world did they do this? But they aren't the only one. I wrote some information on the major players in the islamic terror cup.

Hamas has this thing with using civilian casualties to their advantage. Other than shooting rockets from civilian residences and populated areas, they also use children as shields. Shields have really devolved. They went from humans, to wood, to metal, to big tanks, and back to humans. Children either guard rockets or are suicide bombers. A Nobel Prize Winner by the name of Elie Wiesel agrees with me and says that it is a war between people who "celebrate life and those who champion death". Israel is the celebrator of life. Hamas is the child murderer.

A little known islamic terrorist organisation known as Boko Haram also uses children as weapons. They went through Baga and Doron Baga killing around 2,000 men, women, children, and everyone who wasn't fast enough. The not so lucky ones where the 300 girls who were kidnapped. Many of them where used as suicide bombers. The "lucky ones" became child brides.

Hizbollah is a strange group. Hizbollah has a multi-million pound amusement park. The park is there to convert the children into martyrdom. They stuff fallacies down those poor children's throats. The children can see guns, tanks, and barbed fences. The children are "explained" that suicide, murder and firing 4,000 missiles at Israel in a short period of time is okay.

Now lets talk about the Taliban. This group is famous for these immoral actions. In December, they killed 132 children at a Pakistani school. The Taliban is in the long list of terrorists who use children as bombs. During the Taliban's fight with Afghan forces, they used children to gather information, and as bombs. They brainwash children into killing themselves. It truly is horrible. The Taliban also deny eduction to females, but I think suicide bombing is a bit worse.

Here are some stats. Over 300,000 child soldiers exist in the world. The Taliban has several thousand suicide bombers. 42 percent of 18-30 year old French Muslims believe in suicide bombing. 25 percent of Spanish Muslims believe in suicide bombings. Girls make up 10-30 percent of child soldiers and are often used for sexual reasons. You know what Afghanistan, India, Iran, Libya, Mali, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen have in common? Other than the large Muslim population, they all had child soldiers in 2011.

I would like a moment of silence for all these dead children. Israel haters, like these terrorists, support child deaths. Could you tell a child that they have to kill themselves because you are mad at Israel, who gives you health care?



  1. So when Israel kills 1.5 thousand people 500 of whom are children they are celebrators of life

    1. When Hamas uses these children as human shields and fires missiles at Israel, Hamas becomes the bringer of death. Israel must protect itself, and if Hamas uses children as human shields, then there is not much Israel can do.