Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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  I like the world. This statement explains nearly nothing. How about this. I want to preserve the world. I will present the news, and everything though an "I want to live lens", or a "preservist lens"    (I just made up a word!). I will explain the news and everything else and explain the threats to national security. A good example of a threat is Iran's troubling nuclear program.  I will also report on random things. An example of that is trends and stuff like that. Another thing that I will report on is science. Science is generally amazing. I will explain plasma, quarks and everything in between. My favorite and last of the things I will report on are political stories, and facts. An example would be Israel being the good guy. If you disagree with Israel's status then you kind of support a terrorist organisation.

The fight is Israel vs. Hamas, a terrorist organization, if you don't support Israel than you support Hamas. Middle Eastern affairs are normally Jews +Conservatives + Religious Christians+ Logical People vs. Muslims +Terrorists +Liberals+ Idiots + some Atheists. Strangely, many people end up on the second side, the one with the terrorists.
Image result for hamas terrorist
The bad side. Note the children holding guns.

Image result for israel
The good side!

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