Friday, March 20, 2015

ISIS, Tunisia and Israel

On March 18, 2015, a very unfortunate thing happened. Terrorists attacked a Tunisian Museum. This attack killed 23 people and injured over 50 more. The attack happened when the terrorists, dressed as soldiers, went into the museum and held the people hostage. The police broke through and shot both of the terrorists and one officer lost his life.

After this horrific event, ISIS claimed that this was "the first drop of rain". This is a metaphor to a storm, and ISIS is saying that there is more to come. Since ISIS is in the Middle East, it will take time for it to get to American. You know how nearly ever terrorist organisation hates Israel? Strangely enough ISIS doesn't as much. ISIS says that it must purify the Muslims first before moving on the other religions. This is great news. That means that Israel is safe. But not for long. Hamas and ISIS are Sunni, this means that they will eventually join together. Now this is very bad. Since the United States are so worried about the civilians, they will never squash ISIS. So, ISIS will expand and get into Lebanon and Jordan. Once it is there, it will, with Hamas, attack Israel. Now this is bad. Can Israel fight a war on two front, especially with the UN against it?

Please, take a moment of silence for the 23 people that ISIS has killed.

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