Thursday, March 12, 2015

Police Officers Shot in Ferguson

In Ferguson, Missuri, two police officers were shot. An activist and also a verbal witness (heard the crime) said something horrifying, " We were getting victories, the dominos were falling and they were toppling almost daily so we were almost out there celebrating more than protesting.".

Activists in general are annoying. But when they practically support the shooting of police officers, they are cruel and heartless beings. Police officers aren't monsters. They aren't murderers, they are just normal people. Actually they are better than normal people because they put their life at risk to save yours.

So lets get this straight. People are attacking police officers, the people who protect you every single day. What ingratitude. These people are biting the hand that feeds them.

Back to the officers. The officers both survived and will be recovering. There is a new hashtag #BlueLivesMatter. This is referring to police officers. I truly hope that they will fully recover.

 I am truly starting to believe that these activists are just thugs, and sadists. Many police officers have been assaulted by these sadists. When activists become sadists, is the time when their movement turns into hate and slowly crumbles. These sadists support a stupid cause and do so violently. You know who else supported a stupid violent cause? Hitler. I am not comparing the murder of 6 million Jews to the murder a couple cops, but I am comparing Hitler to police killers. Both are brutal murders. They both have and had many supporters. They both are idiots.

Overall, two police officers were shot by sadists, and activists have slowly become sadists and thugs.
I hope our president does something about this.