Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hi, Locke here. Sorry for not posting anything lately.

Many of you who actually read what I write, know that I hate terrorists. I will provide a list of the most cruel terrorist organisations.

The Islamic State or ISIS, has the disgusting habit of beheading journalists in the name of Allah. I also want to point out that ISIS has more land and money then most other terrorist organisations, making it really scary. In the Syrian city, Palmyra, about 400 people were killed. Most of the dead were women and children. This all happened on Wednesday. One of their most cruel acts, using children to kill people, I already described (http://theworldouttherelocke.blogspot.com/2015/03/isis-kills-teen-spy.html). ISIS also kills Christians and tourists (http://theworldouttherelocke.blogspot.com/2015/03/isis-tunisia-and-israel.html)

2. Boko Haram
The second, Boko Haram is a terrible organisation. Inhabiting uncivilised Northern Nigeria, it implements one of the harshest Sharia laws in the world. It murders children, women and the elder. It once kidnapped about 300 schoolgirls and made them into suicide bombers, or child brides.

3. Hamas
Hamas has been plaguing Israel for decades, uses children as shields and kills innocents. Must I say more?
4. Taliban
The Taliban removes education from women, forces suicide bombings, and kills everyone who disagrees. The last statement sounds a bit like North Korea.

If you disagree with the order, please comment below.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Germ Line Engineering (Designer Babies)

Germ-line Engineering is the process that creates genetically modified humans a.k.a. designer babies.  This technology is based around how bacteria defend themselves against viruses. When the bacteria is attacked, it sends guide RNA. The guide RNA, goes to the virus and, using enzyme CAS9, cuts out parts of the DNA, and replaces them. Scientists created CRISPR which is based off of bacterial defense mechanism.

CRISPR allows a scientist to screw around with an egg or a sperm's DNA. A scientist can remove a mutated part and replace it with a healthier part. They can also change the eye colour, change hair colour, skin colour, mental power, physical strength, etc. This all sounds great, but it is unpredictable. In an MIT study, only 20% of monkeys that had Germ-line Engineering, had the modified genes at birth (or any other time). So it only works in 20% of cases. In the 80% of failures, unfortunate mutations might arise. Also, some trials resulted with the death of the patient. So, it is not a good investment.

An issue with genetically modified humans, is the lack of genetical diversity. If everyone is changing their genes to create some desired qualities, then it is safe to assume the genetical diversity will slowly go away. Imagine a world were almost everyone is the same. Now imagine a world with genetically modified humans. You should be imagining the same thing. Now imagine if a superbug would arise. It would be the Irish Potato Famine, but with humans.

Many people complain about the rich having more opportunities then the poor. Well this would make the advantages a lot bigger. A "designer baby" is expensive. So only the rich could afford to create a prefect child. Now that sounds unfair.

Also, playing god is never a good thing. God made us in his image. Why mess it up?

(If you don't believe in God) We evolved into a powerful race. Why should we mess it up?

Evolution WILL create the stronger and superior race we desire. While we are tampering with genes we might screw up, big time. There are hundreds of horrors that could result from screwing with our genes.

We should stop researching into designer babies. NOW!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Drones and al Qaeda

Sorry for not posting anything for sometime.

Drones have become renewed political topic. This is not because of leftist pleading for terrorist's rights (haha, the left pleading for rights). This is because of the death of an al Qaeda held, American hostage.

Now, drones are a very strange topic. This is mainly because most liberals and conservatives approve of drones. I could easily say that this argument is Americans verses Terrorists. But that wouldn't be politically correct. I instead would have to say "American Citizens verses Freedom Fighters".

Both ways, drones are amazing. They are accurate, which causes them to kill more terrorists then civilians. Hostages would never be killed if the terrorist would be gone, correct? So, instead of whining about current hostages. Whine about the hostages that would be killed if America couldn't use drones.

There are more and better argument. Chances are, you can just call the person you are arguing against a terrorist.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I have a joke. Obama's foreign affairs. Why is Obama meeting with Castro but not Benjamin Netanyahu? Castro is defiantly not an American ally, while Israel is on "Team America". Why is Obama meeting with an enemy?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Religious Freedom

Hi, Locke here. In Indiana a new law was pasted, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This law has caused uproar in the liberal community, because it sort of allows discrimination. Lets just assume it does (it doesn't really allow it). Liberals call it a discriminatory law because it allows businesses not to provide service to members of the LGBTQ club, due to religious reasons. This makes it sound as if businesses never had the right to selective distribution. This is a fallacy, because, in the news, bakeries have refused to create custom made wedding cakes. 

Long story short, this law protects the rights of businesses to refuse to create special products, due to religious reasons. If I was a tattoo artist and someone asks me to make a tattoo saying "I cheated on my wife, then raped, and murdered her" I could refuse, because my religion prohibits adultery, rape, and murder. This is not a discriminatory bill, it is an empowering one. 

One final statement. The media seems to think that only Christians don't like against gays, remember, most Muslim countries forbid homosexuality. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Feminism and Racism

Over the past week I mentioned how we are starting to be racist to white people. I also think that we are becoming sexist to males.

First, racism to white people. In this society we are taught that white people are the oppressors, and minorities are the poor helpless victims. If you find this racist, than you are a logical person. But yet many people still believe that white people have to atone for their ancestor's sins, and white people, as a whole, are evil and cruel. Yet, none of this is racist, but when people say that a person is black, people jump up and yell "Racist".

In school, we learn about how men have screwed over society, and such. But, that is okay because men are inherently destructive and cruel (sarcasm). Teachers in school clearly favour girls over boys, so girls are better, right? Not really, but this is what we are taught. If you disagree, please comment below.

Over all, our society is reversing itself. We now are racist to white people, and sexist to men. This is a greatly unfortunate change because I am both a male and white. Oh well, I guess I have to pay for the actions of other people's ancestors (my family is an immigrant family, so we never screwed over black people, or women).

Friday, March 20, 2015

ISIS, Tunisia and Israel

On March 18, 2015, a very unfortunate thing happened. Terrorists attacked a Tunisian Museum. This attack killed 23 people and injured over 50 more. The attack happened when the terrorists, dressed as soldiers, went into the museum and held the people hostage. The police broke through and shot both of the terrorists and one officer lost his life.

After this horrific event, ISIS claimed that this was "the first drop of rain". This is a metaphor to a storm, and ISIS is saying that there is more to come. Since ISIS is in the Middle East, it will take time for it to get to American. You know how nearly ever terrorist organisation hates Israel? Strangely enough ISIS doesn't as much. ISIS says that it must purify the Muslims first before moving on the other religions. This is great news. That means that Israel is safe. But not for long. Hamas and ISIS are Sunni, this means that they will eventually join together. Now this is very bad. Since the United States are so worried about the civilians, they will never squash ISIS. So, ISIS will expand and get into Lebanon and Jordan. Once it is there, it will, with Hamas, attack Israel. Now this is bad. Can Israel fight a war on two front, especially with the UN against it?

Please, take a moment of silence for the 23 people that ISIS has killed.