Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ISIS kills a teen "Spy"

Hello, Locke here. I am going to provide you with some horrid news. An Arab child accused of being an Israeli spy was killed today. His name was Muhammad Musallam, he was 19 years old. He confessed to being part of the Mossad, the effective Israeli intelligence agency and said that his father told him to do it. His father said that he never did this. The Mossad also said he wasn't a spy.

During his confession, he warned others not to do want he did i.e. spy against ISIS. His exact words where,"I tell my father and son: Repent to God. I say to the spies who spy on ISIS: You will not be successful, they will expose you". This makes it clear that he isn't a real spy. ISIS seems to not be good at spy detection and needed to prevent people from spying. They also clearly aren't good at cover ups either. They need a lesson from Obama and the KBG. You know what Obama and ISIS have in common?
They both have no clue what they are doing. That wasn't meant as a joke. But do you what to hear a joke? Of course you do. Obama's plan against ISIS. Now that's a knee slapper. Back to executions.

Musallam was killed by a child. This really horrifies me. The kid shot Mussallam in the forehead, then shouted, "Allah is great". Think about it. ISIS convinced a kid to shot another human in the head. How in the world did they do this? There are a couple things about this that bother me. First, a kid was the executioner.  Seriously, ISIS has reached a true low. Killing journalists was bad, but when they poison little children's minds and souls in their jihadist conquest, their evil levels go straight down to hell. Second, the kid shouted, "Allah is great.". This kind of bothers me. What kind of god tells his/her people to murder a bunch of humans. In the Quran it says to kill nonbeliever, but how come Islam is so seductive and managed to persuade so many people? There are more Islam extremists then another type of extremist. How did this happen? Please answer in the comments.

Please take a moment of silence for Muhammad Musallam, and all the others that will be killed by ISIS, because Obama would do anything to stop them.

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