Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cockroaches and Individualism

Hi, Locke here. Lets talk about science. Many animals move in herds. They think as a group. Ants, act as one large individual. Many insects do the same. In an experiment they found that cockroaches are different. They placed 16 cockroaches in a large container with shade in the center. Each pest had a tracker on it's back. They were able to use the tracker to time the cockroaches.

The experiment was meant to find out how cockroaches make decisions. If they all came to the shade at the same time, then they are one entity and like ants. If each one of then moves there at different times, then they are individuals like sheep, bats, and humans. The findings tells us that we are like cockroaches. We are individual.

Each cockroach had a different time and a different "personality". Some roaches went straight for the shade, others took their time. The roaches that explored their confinement, were bold and explorations. The roaches that went straight for the shelter are shy, and meek. They began to have personalities and individualism.

Since I don't believe in a Procrustean Society, I like differences amongst people. People really aren't that different. The people who say that they are individuals, "their own person" and stuff like that, are normally the people who are the most similar. No really, they try so hard to be different they end up being almost the same. They have become what they most fear, part of society. Then the other social caste all contain people that are very similar. I am not saying that this is bad, just interesting.

The next time you kill a pest, think about its individualism and how it had a family to feed, or just kill the thieving pest. Your choice.

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