Friday, March 13, 2015

Drinking Age

The drinking age has been a topic disputed by many people. On one hand people people believe that the drinking age should be lowered. On the other hand, they believe that it should stay the same. Being the logical person I am I take the "stay the same" side. I take this side because I don't believe in ruining people's lives, increasing crime, and no regulation.

A child has a developing body and brain. If you add alcohol to the mix, then the child's mind will not properly grow and develop. According to, says that alcohol in a developing mind can impair the drinkers judgement permanently. This could harm many other people. If the drinker was a construction worker s/he might decide that dropping the steel beams on a car would be smart. Another example would be the person might be a taxi driver and might decide to speed which gets him/her into an accident. Nearly every job requires judgement skills. This person would cause accidents and in dangerous the populous.

Drunk people cause crime. Teenagers don't have a fully developed "judgement center ", due to this they are more prone to getting drunk (because they will drink too much). A friend offers another a beer, which would only be legal with the lower drinking age, they get drunk. Then they burn down a school or something like that. Drunk people commit more crime.

Most people are law obeying citizens. You might be surprised but in areas where there is a lower drinking age there are more issues. Amongst those issue is unintended pregnancy. This is completely rational. If teens are drinking they will have more unprotected sex. The New York Times says that the lower the drinking age the lower the "crime hump" (the crime hump is the most common age for a criminal, currently it is 21-23, it correlates with the drinking age). A lower drinking age means more stupid decisions and at a lower age.

There are no good reasons to lower the drinking age, at all. The biggest argument on the opposing side is that they are already adults and can do what they want with their body, and mind. Adults or not, rules still apply to them. I can't tell the police officer that I shouldn't get a ticket because I am an adult. Adults still have restrictions.

Lowering the Drinking Age is a stupid idea because it ruins people's lives, causes crime, and bad decisions. Overall, why would you?

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