Thursday, April 2, 2015

Religious Freedom

Hi, Locke here. In Indiana a new law was pasted, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This law has caused uproar in the liberal community, because it sort of allows discrimination. Lets just assume it does (it doesn't really allow it). Liberals call it a discriminatory law because it allows businesses not to provide service to members of the LGBTQ club, due to religious reasons. This makes it sound as if businesses never had the right to selective distribution. This is a fallacy, because, in the news, bakeries have refused to create custom made wedding cakes. 

Long story short, this law protects the rights of businesses to refuse to create special products, due to religious reasons. If I was a tattoo artist and someone asks me to make a tattoo saying "I cheated on my wife, then raped, and murdered her" I could refuse, because my religion prohibits adultery, rape, and murder. This is not a discriminatory bill, it is an empowering one. 

One final statement. The media seems to think that only Christians don't like against gays, remember, most Muslim countries forbid homosexuality. 

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