Thursday, April 23, 2015

Drones and al Qaeda

Sorry for not posting anything for sometime.

Drones have become renewed political topic. This is not because of leftist pleading for terrorist's rights (haha, the left pleading for rights). This is because of the death of an al Qaeda held, American hostage.

Now, drones are a very strange topic. This is mainly because most liberals and conservatives approve of drones. I could easily say that this argument is Americans verses Terrorists. But that wouldn't be politically correct. I instead would have to say "American Citizens verses Freedom Fighters".

Both ways, drones are amazing. They are accurate, which causes them to kill more terrorists then civilians. Hostages would never be killed if the terrorist would be gone, correct? So, instead of whining about current hostages. Whine about the hostages that would be killed if America couldn't use drones.

There are more and better argument. Chances are, you can just call the person you are arguing against a terrorist.

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